Tomorrow the World by MK Joseph


ISBN 978-0-9951268-5-5
290PP | 205mm x 135mm

A dying Hitler dictates his memoirs to a personal aide whilst his top commanders plot against each other to see who will become the next Fuhrer. Meanwhile a small resistance group from England tries to smuggle a package across Europe that will help to smash the fascist rule, but are they in reality the pawns of one of the German Generals?

MK Joseph’s previous novels were translated into several languages including Dutch, French and Japanese, now a new novel has been discovered that imagines Britain and Europe as ruled by the Nazis after they won WWII. It draws on MK Joseph’s firsthand experience fighting against the Nazis and is a riveting story of fascist conformity, political intrigue, resistance, and betrayal.

The writing suggests an author deeply touched and distressed by the world through which he has had to live his life. — Keith Ovenden

It’s a fascinating, engaging novel—adventurous, lively and full of narrative twists. — Gregory O’Brien

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MK Joseph published six novels internationally including A Soldier’s Tale which was made into a highly-regarded New Zealand film. He also published three collections of poetry and several critical works, amongst them Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein which was reprinted by Oxford World Classics in 2008. He was a Professor at the University of Auckland for over twenty years, and served in the infantry during WWII experiencing heavy fighting in the infamous ‘Battle of the Bulge’ amongst other campaigns.