Atuanui Press is based in Waikato, New Zealand.
Our focus is on writing about New Zealand and the Pacific, largely in the form of memoirs, criticism and history,
but we are also interested in fiction and poetry with a local slant.

We work closely with authors, researchers and designers to create innovative high-quality books,
often incorporating the work of local artists. We also have a special interest in book production and
own our own perfect binding equipment, a production laser printer and a fine art inkjet.

Our publishing history includes founding and running the Kiwi lit. press Titus Books, which has been
releasing innovative writing for the past 15 years. A link to selected Titus titles can be found on the home page.


Managing Editor: Brett Cross
Design: Ellen Portch


Atuanui Press titles from 2018 and onwards are being distributed by David Bateman Ltd.
Booksellers please contact:

Customer Services:
Phone: (09) 415 7664 extn 0
Fax: (09) 415 8892
Email: janetteb@bateman.co.nz