Emily Jackson: A Painter’s Landscape, edited by Bronwen Nicholson


Foreword by Gregory O’Brien

ISBN: 978-0-9922453-9-9
222PP | 115 colour reproductions | 210mm x 180mm

A memoir told in the painter’s own words, selected from her private journals and letters, Emily Jackson: A Painter’s Landscape reveals the inner life of a passionate and driven artist as well as giving an insightful glimpse into the Auckland art scene of the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s.

Mentored by Colin McCahon to ‘paint abstract landscapes in a very free way,’ Jackson created radiant and brooding paintings, which though reminiscent of her contemporary Toss Woollaston, were stylistically very much her own.

Jackson’s paintings are characterised by a sense of not quite being in a landscape, but of having been in one. Their movement is that of drifting, in memory, through different territories. At the same time, they are an energetic embrace of the moment of their making.

“New Zealand’s most under-appreciated neo-expressionist.”—Warwick Brown”

“Jackson’s paintings are tumultuous, unbridled and infused with passion and intelligence.”—Gregory O’Brien”

“Work remarkable in any company of New Zealand landscape painting.”—T.J. McNamara”