Atuanui Press is pleased to announce the publication of two new books:

Then It Was Now AgainThen It Was Now Again: selected critical writing by Murray Edmond

The Gold LeavesThe Gold Leaves (being an account and translation from the Ancient Greek of the 'so-called' Orphic Gold Tablets) by Edward Jenner

We will post reviews and links to reviews here as they appear. An interview between Lynn Freeman and Murray Edmond will be available shortly as a podcast  from the Radio New Zealand website and the text from Roger Horrocks launch speech  for Then It Was Now Again can be read on Scott Hamilton's blog at:

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Atuanui Press was established in order to publish new and historical writing from New Zealand and the Pacific, focusing on memoirs, criticism, and travel writing. Primarily a non-fiction publisher we will also publish fiction that has a strong regional element.